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Dell Inspiron 14 7400 Review – An All-Rounder With A Stunning Display

Introduction The Dell XPS series is still the most beloved and premium laptop for enthusiasts and business people. Of course, it comes as at an...



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Lenovo G25-10 Monitor Review

What Specs To Look For in A Gaming Monitor ft. Lenovo G25-10

History of “Gaming Monitors” It was not a long time ago before high-refresh rate gaming monitors were considered to be “holy grail,” premium items that...
Lenovo Ideapad

The Right Device To Make Your Ideas Come To Life

Ever had the hypothetical lightbulb in your head sparking up, telling you that you just had an idea worth acting on? Pumped and inspired,...

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5: The laptop-tablet we never knew we needed

Being a tech reviewer means we have experienced almost every laptop configuration available in the market. Laptop configurations are almost limitless with internal specs,...
Best Lenovo Laptops 2020 PH

Best Lenovo Laptops For Your Work From Home Needs

Getting a laptop for work is hard especially if you have a limited budget. What makes it harder is finding the right balance between...

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