Gadgets… Gadgets… Gadgets…

Some Filipinos nowadays try to be part of the new and techno-hyped society. Either you’re one the so-called mga susyalero (Elites… Konyotics…) or susyal-wannabees, it is a fact that some of US try to be seen as others as “IN”(part of the many).

One time, while walking along the sidewalks of Cabanatuan City palengke, I saw some tricycle drivers holding 2 cellphones! “Anak ng…,” I bursted. I thought lowly of myself because I only own one cellphone. Naawa pa nga ako sa sarili ko nung bandang huli. That feeling I had – jelousy, maybe – may have resemblance on some of our Kababayan’s feelings. Jelousy, perhaps, over those people who own lots of tech-stuffs. Desire over the overflowing smell of plastic and fiber-glass coated things. Love over the feel of of keyboards or keypads on fingertips.


This could be a problem for some; and a reality for others. Something had to be done, I thought. This is now the very reason why this blog now exists. A blog where you can showcase your gadgets to us; not to make us jealous but to instill to us a level where we can feel how you feel. Make us own your gadget even through words. If you feel like criticizing your gadget, then do so. We will feel sorry for you, if that’s what you like.

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