I just dreamt about the N900 and it wasn’t the first! This may had been caused by the consistent news about the shipping delay of the N900. Yes, multiple reports say that the Nokia N900s were not shipped to distributors last September. I can attest to this report since I also pre-ordered mine from NokiaUSA. It really sucks, but I’ll wait even until November because I believe that it’ll be worth the wait.

Peter Schneider of Maemo Marketing in a post in Maemo.Org said, “And yes, what we announced in the Nokia N900 press release is still the plan, no change: “The Nokia N900 will be available in select markets from October 2009…'”. October 31 is still October, right?

More recently, Peter replied to one of the forums in said:


In reference to your questions on the expected shipment date of the Nokia N900, let me tell you the latest information from Nokia:

The Nokia N900 is a great example of what we and the open source community have been able to achieve with Maemo software. We are working closely with open source developers and for example, at the Maemo Summit in October, we loaned 300 pre-production units to get more feedback from the community. This feedback is extremely important to us and as such we also want to provide the best user experience with the Nokia N900.

We expect it to start shipping during November 2009.

The “during” in his reply created a lot of buzz and whines since the possibility of having it shipped in the last week of November is likely. Now I just realized, when he said, “N900 will be available in select markets from October 2009…,” the word ‘from’ clearly defined the possibility that delivery may happen even beyond October. November is my deadline. If they ship or deliver it in December, Nokia will lose me as one of their clients.

The device is STILL one of the talks of the gadget-community because of it unprecedented capability. Infact, I’ve blogged about it 2 weeks ago (Nokia N900 Madness). Few of the noticeable capabilities of the new Nokia device are the following:

1. SNES Simulation (with Wiimote and TV-Out Support)

2.  Remote Control Device via IRRECO

3. Panorama Desktop (with parallax effect – start scrolling the background and the icons off at the same time, but have the icons move slightly faster so that the background is only 50% scrolled by the time they are off screen.)

4. Google Wave is fully functional via browser. **UPDATE

***UPDATE as of November 12, 2009: According to Nokia’s official website last November 10, they have started to ship their latest flagship device, the Nokia N900. The delay was caused by firmware and software enhancements.

***UPDATE as of November 20, 2009: Multiple reports say that Nokia has indeed started shipping the N900. Contrary to the previous report – November 10 shipping – the true shipping date is November 19, 2009. Pre-ordered phones are the ones initially taken cared of by NokiaUSA. For those of you who pre-ordered before or after October 12, 2009, you may go to this website to track your order –

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