Consider this a breaking news. I’ve seen ports of Doom, Quake and other FPS on the Iphone but I’ve never seen a Quake 3 port to a mobile phone with full TV-out and accelerometer support until the N900!

Quake 3 on N900

Thanks to Maemo-Freak for the picture
Thanks to Maemo-Freak for the picture

Twaelti recently exposed through Youtube the immense gaming capability of the Nokia N900 by playing Quake 3! Yes, you read that right! Quake 3 on N900. The gameplay in his video is rendered in full speed like as if he was using his PC. Thanks to TI OMAP 3430 processor based ARM Cortex-A8 platform, it can easily render full 3D gameplay. I must admit, it really looks so awesome! Look at the gameplay below:


According to, the said port, other than support for accelerometer and and TV-out, the touch screen and proximity sensormay be fairly utilized to frag your opponents! I really can’t wait for this port! So please, Nokia, ship my phone NOW!

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