I’ve used a lot of anti-virus program – AVG, NOD32, Avira, Norton and McAffee but none of them lasted 4 months in my computer. Why? I uninstalled them! Well, not because they are wusses but most of them are memory hogs – you know, those programs who eat lots of your computer memories while working in the background! I was hopeless until I was introduced to Microsoft Security Essentials (formerly known as Morro in its Beta stage).

Move Over OneLive Care. Security Essentials is here.
Move Over OneLive Care. Security Essentials is here.

From a distance, MES is like your typical security software. It guards your PC against dreaded viruses, spywares, trojans and other malicious softwares. However, unlike other anti-virus programs, this one is totally free and only4.29 MB download size.

Installing and using the software is piece of cake. You don’t actually need a manual just to understand how it works. It tells you if your virus definitions are updated or not and warns you if there are malicious softwares trying to invade your system through its pop-up notification in red background.

If you want to be more convinced, try it! You’ve got nothing to lose anyway. Download now!

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