I love Ovi maps but it lacks the usual details I can find on Google Maps.

Good news! Although Google hasn’t given any support yet for Google Maps on N900, there is currently a workaround available that you can use. All you need to do is take simple steps to start using Google Maps on your N900.

1. Download Maemo-geolocation to your n900. Go here to download and install it. Thanks to Oleg Romashin for developing this.

2. Visit http://google.com/maps/m to test it.

3. Download this code and install to a folder in your N900 (it doesn’t matter if you install it in your memory stick or n900 memory). With this code, you can easily navigate google maps with zoom controls.

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This is the wonder of open source. I’m crossing my fingers for Google Maps Support on N900 but I believe that having this workaround available is quite alright for the moment.

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