How to Integrate Google Calendar with Facebook


There are 2 things that I can’t live without – Google and Facebook. Other than Microsoft Outlook, I use Google applications especially Google Calendar to keep me posted on the events that I should be in for the whole year! If I wish to invite other people to grace the event I’m organizing, for instance, I can simply integrate my Google Calendar events on Facebook to create a “shoutout” for everybody to read through Facebook Events invitation.

Here’s how you can integrate Google Calendar with Facebook? There are basically 4 easy steps. See my video below for full instructions. Be sure to click HD to view the instructions in greater detail. Click the Youtube video to view annotations.

Step 1: Go to Events on Facebook.

Step 2: Click to ‘Export Events’ at the top and Copy the URL.

Step 3: Log in to Google Calendar, Select Add, and Add by URL.

Step 4: Paste the URL into the Public Calendar Address Box and Press Add.


Now, to be able to manage, view and share your Google Calendar to Facebook, I highly recommend this application: My Google Calendar




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