Amazon recently announced that they will ship a new Kindle starting January 19 to over 100 countries.

Kindle DCX
Picture courtesy of Cnet

What can you get with Kindle by the way? With Kindle, you don’t have to bring your bulky books with you. You can simply read through the 9.7 inches electronic paper display (the previous version only has a 6 inches display which projects books like you are reading it on real paper) and lavishly enjoy the comforts of using your finger to view the next page. This version of Kindle got lots of things in store for you – it has an auto-rotate function (thanks to its built in accelerometer), it can load up to 3,500 with its 2GB internal memory and now has Global wireless (1xRTT), which provides it a similar cellular signal for OTA updates and downloads. According to Ian Freed, Vice President of Amazon, “…Global Wireless lets customers enjoy the ease of Whispernet wireless delivery of books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and documents while traveling in over 100 countries worldwide.”

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