The moment I’ve been waiting for is here.

Official Meego repository for N900 is now live. Click this link to take a peek. Thanks to @wonderhelm for tweeting about this.

So far, the repo contains RPM files like the ones below:

[DIR] Parent Directory                                               -
[   ] kernel-n900-2.6.28-2.1.armv5tel.rpm       31-Mar-2010 05:12  3.3M
[   ] kernel-n900-devel-2.6.28-2.1.armv5tel.rpm 31-Mar-2010 05:12  5.2M
[   ] libdsme-0.60.30-1.1.armv5tel.rpm          30-Mar-2010 10:17   17K
[   ] libdsme-devel-0.60.30-1.1.armv5tel.rpm    30-Mar-2010 10:17   10K
[   ] libmlocknice-0.1-1.1.armv5tel.rpm         30-Mar-2010 06:30   15K
[   ] libmlocknice-devel-0.1-1.1.armv5tel.rpm   30-Mar-2010 06:30   16K
[   ] nokia-n900-configs-0.2-1.1.armv5tel.rpm   30-Mar-2010 22:24  4.3K

I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next. What about you?

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