The number one broadband internet provider, Smart, recently released its latest internet device for the masses, SmartBro Surf TV! Armed with set top box (STB), keyboard, mouse, remote control (AA batteries not incl), Smart Bro Plug it modem, and prepaid SIM card (with P100.00 preloaded broadband load), SmartBro Surf TV is set to bring the internet to your TV sets. You read it. No need to buy a computer or go to your favorite internet hub. Getting online has never been so easy. At least, that’s what Smart says.


Surf TV is a revolutionary device that converts your favorite TV (audio/video inputs) into an internet hub! Imagine that you can also hook this device to your car LCD and surf the net on the go as well! The device uses a built-in operating system, which has Pinoycentric apps and webapps installed. Since Smart hasn’t given me this shiznity-gadget for review purposes yet, I cannot comment on its multitasking and memory capabilities.

Smart SurfTV

One of the imminent topics that may be brought out when it comes to SmartBro’s service though is its reliability. Related questions like ” How’s the speed of video and audio streaming?”, “What is the ‘future’ of SurfTV?” or “Is the firmware even upgradable?’ are likely for interested buyers. At this point, I leave it to you guys? What are your opinions on this? Hit the comments below.

smartbro surftv 1
Googling in SmartBro Surf TV

smartbro surftv 1
Youtube on Smartbro Surf TV

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