Last January, Steve Jobs announced the Apple Ipad and its availability in April. As expected, those who watched his keynote had the usual Apple-Made-Me-Smile-Again experience. (Here’s a link to my blog last January in case you haven’t read it yet.) April 3 came, and indeed, 500,000 bought it immediately, making it one of Apple’s bestselling devices in History. Several weeks later, I got the chance to have one and I’m writting this blog to share my almost-Nirvana experience while getting it out of its box.

Placed in a minimalist-designed white box, the Apple Ipad was laid in like a sleeping beauty. Yes, I wanted to kiss it to “give it life”! The rest of my unboxing experience can be seen on the video below.



Ipad (1)

Premium and high definition pictures will be posted soon as I’m looking for a better venue to do the photo shoot care of Angela Fotografia.

This device is not yet officially out in the Philippines but the 3 giant telcos are getting ready for the Ipad Wifi + 3G. For the Wifi Edition, please visit your favorite Apple Premium Reseller like Power Mac Center and ask about its availability here in our country.

Meanwhile, I’ll stop for now because I need to trash some zombies… in my Ipad!

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