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Comics and Video Games enthusiasts rejoiced when Capcom and Namco announced Street Fighter X Tekken for PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Check out the video teaser below:

Namco will be heading this project and Capcom will tag along with them in surprising both Tekken and Streeth Fighter fans. I really didn’t expect that this will happen, so I was really really surprised and oozed with so much anticipation when my brother tipped me about this.


What kind of gameplay will it embrace then? Except it to be a confluence of both Tekken and Street Fighter. So expect that we’re going to have some fun playing this game with ingredients of Tekken Tag, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Streeth Fighter 4. Take a look at the gameplay video below:

The 3D elements are truly outstanding! Megaman characters and some Tekken police guys are goofing off and cheering in the background. Character rendering is really top-notch on this first gameplay especially how they rendered Chun Li and Nina Williams.

Expect for some more changes soon thought since the gameplay that was shown in SDCC is the very first one. You know, sometimes the real one is either better or worse than the first one. Still, I believe that this game will truly own other versus-button-smashing games out there.

Now, I reaaaaallly want to see who would win on Chun Li and Ling Xiaoyu match up? What about you? Are you excited for this game? Hit the comments below.

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