Have you ever experienced “unboxing” your latest gadget?

The “unboxing” video is a phenomenon in which a geek films the unpacking of his/her new gadget bit by bit. Yes, I’ve done it a lot of times and you can categorically say that I am a geek. You can find our unboxing videos and photos in the following links below:

Nokia C3 Unboxing and Review


Unboxing and Review of the Samsung NP-R440 Notebook

The Apple Ipad Unleashed

Nokia Booklet 3G Impressions and Unboxing Photos

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Exclusive Unboxing Pics

Nokia N97 Mini Unboxing Video

Nokia N900 Unboxing Video

Blackberry Curve 8520 Impressions

Yes, we may have done shaky-cam unboxing videos, but we’ve never done something like this in the video below:

This is truly the most hilarious unboxing video I’ve ever seen!

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