We are liveblogging here at New World Hotel.

iPhone 4 Launch in New World Hotel


People from Globe are currently accommodating the hungry iPhone 4 clients like us; and yes, we are very excited to get our hands on Apple’s latest and most celebrated device.

iPhone 4 Launch in the Philippines

The new iPhone is here.


We approached the pretty lady, (wo)manning the reception area to hand over our requirements. Our slot is at 11am but we tried to check out if we can already get a number to get us on queue. And yes again, she gave us a number but she told us to return at 11am. (Darn…. pretty slick system, huh!)


People are coming out of the main ballroom and they are already carrying black paper bags that contain the iPhone 4. Oh, so GMA7 and ABS-CBN are also here to cover the event.


Steve Jobs just arrived. Just kidding. The newscaster from GMA7 is now interviewing the first customer who the iPhone. It took him 30 minutes to get out of the main ballroom. Why oh why?

first customer - iPhone 4


I’m picking inside the main ballroom and I’m seeing people and food inside. Globe has setup a classy launch this time. Did they do this when they launched the iPhone 3Gs?

Oh, a dude in checkered polo just got in without an e-stub. Damn it! Why?


Met a guy in mid-20s with her girlfriend. He was told that his pickup location is at New World along Pasay Road near Terminal 3 twice by Globe CSR. He’s really pissed off bigtime.


10 more minutes and we are coming inside the waiting lounge. Yes, there is a waiting lounge before you can enter the main ball room.


And we are in!

Inside the Ballroom


But there is currently no one to process my application.


At last, Marky is processing my application. Very accomodating guy.


Just finished filling out their long application form. Marky will give me the iPhone later. ABS-CBN just captured me filling out the application.


Just a little more… Marky just counted my cash out for the phone. I just saw TJ Manotoc while Marky was counting my money. Matangkad pala si TJ.


Marky is back and just handed over my brand spanking new iPhone. Great!

Got it, finally!

I requested if I can customize at least the last four digits of my number and he said that he’ll endorse it to those who will process it. Great (x2).

Marky told me that I need to proceed to the person who shall “unbrick” the phone. Wait, Apple sent them a bricked iPhone unit? They probably messed up with the term they used. I later knew that they meant “activate” and not “unbrick” the iPhone.

Marky gave me an umbrella which says, Apple is better Nokia… just kidding.


I was endorsed to Marc, the unbricker. He allowed me to “unbox” my iPhone 4. I wanted to do it exclusive at home but it’s okay… for the sake of…. whatever.

He activated my unit using a dummy prepaid kit. I asked if I can buy a microsim prepaid kit, but the woman beside Marc said that they don’t have one at hand. I was advised to proceed to any Globe center to buy a prepaid sim.


Globe took 45 minutes to process my application and 5 minutes to activate my unit. I don’t know if it’s better compared to last year. But I believe that Globe has done a great job here.


Just bought a screen protector and bumper case for my iPhone at the iStudio booth inside the ballroom. Great stuff in here.


The guy who assisted me finished installing the screen protector and bumper case on my iPhone.


A booth inside Greenbelt 3 is installed and the one who’s demoing a unit saw that I finally got my iPhone. I took a picture with her to using the front facing camera. It is VGA quality.

IMG 0004 wm
Sample Shot #1: Front Facing Camera

Here’s another sample shot using the back facing 5-megapixel camera.

IMG 0007 wm

Overall, Globe has indeed done a very organized job in here. There were flaws but I think that at the end of the day, they will have more satisfied customers than unsatisfied ones.

Have you received your iPhone 4? Tell us. Did you have any problems in your application? Your praises and rants belong to the comment section below.

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