Steve Jobs finally introduced Facetime for Mac at last week’s Apple’s Back to Mac event. He announced it at 2am here in Manila, and I didn’t think twice to try it out immediately when he said that the Beta version is already available. Too bad, I didn’t know anyone who was still up that time with an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch.

Immediately the next day, I asked my brother to download Facetime and to call me when I’m online. Boom – 5 seconds later, we were facetiming;

Facetime 1
Placing a Facetime call via Contacts

Placing a Facetime call via Contacts


Facetime call view (connecting to contact).

Facetime Call with my bro (Portrait View)

Facetime call with my bro (Landscape view).If you’re Facetiming on your Mac, the orientation automatically changes if the person on the other line changes orientation too. Totally cool!

Facetime call with my son and his yaya (Landscape view).

I was facetiming my brother and my son using a congested WiFi network, thus I experienced lots of lags. Nevertheless, the experience was moving and mind-blowing. Got a mac and a friend with an iPhone 4 or the latest iPod Touch? Download the Beta Version of Facetime for Mac here.

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