Facebook Rolls Out Revamped Facebook Messages *UPDATE


Just this morning, I was greeted by the revamped version of Facebook Messages. Take a look at the screenshots below:

Facebook Messages
Now, you can email your non-Facebook friends directly from Facebook.
Facebook Messages
Yes, I'm thanking Mark Zuckerberg by sending an email to his Facebook email address. And yes again, I'm using Facebook as my email client. I can even attach a file if I want to.
Facebook Messages
Email messages appear in threaded view.

Facebook Messages

With the new Facebook Messages, you get every type of messages you have (email conversations, chats and texts) in just one place. You can even get your own @facebook.com email by activating it.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, not everyone can try the new Facebook Messaging system because it is by invitation and by request only. Click the link below to request for an early access to the new messaging system.

**UPDATE: Once you activate it, you can never revert to the old messaging system. You should start getting used to it.

Facebook Messages




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