It’s been more than a year since I launched My love for gadgets and computers prompted me to create it. Suddenly, I found myself playing in the green and blissful world of blogging. For more than a year, I’ve done a lot of things to not just improve myself but to also share the things and stuff I’ve known and discovered.

Through, I’ve gained friends like Nokia, PowerMac, FuentesManila, PinoyTechieZone, Boy Katindig and a lot more! Don’t get me wrong. is not closing and I don’t have any intentions of abandoning the blog that inspired me to embrace blogging. I’m just getting started, and this time, things will get even better.

Today, to start off my being aggressive and creative, I’m launching a new website, a new playground and a new place for you to explore and read on along with, and – introducing,


BigMouthGeek Logo started with my idea of a creating a personal website, which contains my consolidated social network status updates, sponsored and non-sponsored articles, blogs, vlogs, podcasts and daily deals about…. wait for it…. EVERYTHING. Unlike, blabbers everything about anything in life as seen by me, a geek, a husband and a father.

Why would you care and why would you be excited with With BMG, you can also share your thoughts about anything by becoming a “BigMouth”. With BMG, you can share your thoughts by blogging through us and receive PhP2.00 for every QUALIFIED article submitted. Become a BigMouth, share your original article to your friends to make it a qualified post and earn bucks for fun! You see, with, you can express yourself, become creative, learn blogging and earn a little for fun to compensate yourself for just becoming a BigMouth.

Take note though that my website is not in any way affiliated with, a marketing company.

To date, 3 relatives have signified (I actually pressured them) their intentions of becoming a BigMouth. I’d like to introduce BigMouthGamer Gianfranco Viterbo, BigMouthPhotographer Lei Viterbo (Owner of Angela Fotografia) and BigMouthDealFinder Resa Viterbo. With their help, we will populate with fun, personal and exciting articles.

I bet you’re now excited to join Currently, I’m looking for the following BigMouths:
1. BigMouthFashionista: someone who can talk about fashion…a lot.
2. BigMouthAthlete: someone who can kick my ass
3. BigMouthCelebrity: a current or former celebrity
4. BigMouthHero: knows a lot about freaking superheroes
5. BigMouthRanter: rants a lot about life, but must speak of possible solutions
6. BigMouthLawyer: a resident lawyer
7. BigMouthBeatyQueen: a Beaty Queen… duh!
8. BigMouthOC: loves to make checklists
9. BigMouthJetsetter: likes traveling
10. BigMouth Gastronomer: A connoisseur of good food and drink
11. BigMouthK-pop: uber-interested in Korean pop or Korean popular music

If you wish to become a BigMouth like me, you may start clicking on my Contact Page and email me.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for super easy reference.

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Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.