Similar to the Nokia E72, the Nokia E6 promises unparalleled business smartphone experience, connectivity and multimedia portability. With its super sharp VGA Touch Displays, 8GB internal mass memory (expandable up to 32gb) and 8MP camera, there will be no reason for you not to upgrade your E72.

nokia e6 side by side


“The Nokia E6 is made for people who want to get things done – both in business and in their personal time,” said Benoit Nalin, General Manager, Nokia Philippines. “With support for up to ten mailboxes, some fantastic pre-installed apps, and real-time updates from popular social networks, the Nokia E6 keeps the wheels turning for both soccer moms and business professionals alike.”

The Nokia E6 is available in black, silver or white and has an SRP of PhP17,820 .  Visit any of our Nokia Stores nationwide and ask about it!

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