I’m blogging live at Mede8er Bloggers’ Meet here at Picasso Residences.

10.30: A huge TV is set up and Avatar is currently being played! Movie is so clear!


10.45: Bed Weather… CHECK! Movie on 720p… CHECK!


11.00: Event just started.


11.45: Norman from Mede8er is currently explaining the full specs and full UI of the new Mede8er media box, MED500X2. Mede8er is built by a South African company, Sanji.


11.47: This new device can run 1080p videos and compatible HD (internal) is 3.5. Standard unit doesn’t have internal HD.


Some packages will contain internal HDs up to 3TBs. This device available in 46 Stores nationwide.

11.40: SRP is 9,000 without the hard drive.

11.45: Some external DVD drives may work on this device.


11.47: This device also has standby mode.

11.48: It’s on 12V.

11.50: The device takes you out of work and put you on entertainment environment.

11.52: There are Third-Party Mede8er modders that create applications and mods for the media box.

11:55: Ang guwapo ng tunog! Norman is currently testing the sound. Amazing! Crispy!

11:56: Food time then we’ll watch movie together! Currently voting on what to watch! Dark Knight it is!


12.20: Watching Dark Knight with the rest of the bloggers! Good times indeed!





1.00: Movie’s not done yet. Raffle time!


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