The video below is my first attempt to record a gameplay using Fraps. I’m playing Dead Island here with my brother.

Couple of noteworthy things about this game (spoiler free):

1. It has RPG (Role-playing game) elements so expect your character to level up and yourself to select the skills you wish to upgrade.


2. Weapons are high customizable, however it is imperative that get Modification Packs from quests.

3. The initial launch of the game is quite buggy. So if you’re getting this and install it on your PC, be sure to download the latest patch to fix certain bugs.

[stextbox id=”info”] I still noticed some bugs even after the 1.2 latest patch (as of this writing).  [/stextbox]

4. The game looks great! The developers of this game used a system, which they call Multi Layer Damage System where you can actually see real time damage and scars to the tissue of the zombies. What’s even more amazing is how far the project has advanced since this 2007 zombies damage concept trailer below:

5. You will never find a child-zombie as opposed to the emotional trailer that was released this year:

Grab your copy of this game at your favorite video game store here in the Philippines! It’s available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. No announcements were made for the official port of the game to Mac. For now, you may port it yourself using CXEX.

If you wish to listen to the beautiful theme of the official trailer of Dead Island, you may listen to it again by clicking this link. It’s composed by Giles Lamb; Sound design by Khal Henderson and Tom Griffiths.

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