AudioTechnica once again made a one-of-a-kind headphone which features a Wide Backband style to its user. The model name of the headphone is AudioTechnica Portable Headphones ATH-XS7, also known as the Audio-Technica X-Street Style.

MG 9942

MG 9955


MG 9954

MG 9953

MG 9946

MG 9944

MG 9943

Sound Quality
With its stylish design, it is also compensated with the astounding and outstanding sound quality. This is my first time to use an Audio-Technica headphone and I admit that the sound it gives to you is truly unremarkable. The bass and treble of the headphone is outstanding compared to other sound peripherals.

This headphone is highly recommended to music fanatic and sound-whores. For me, it has the capability to lessen the noise outside and increase the sound quality directly into your ears.
Physical Design and Durability

However, the physical design of the headphone is unorthodox compared to
the other brands of Audio-Technica like the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55. On the other hand, the ear caps of the headphone can be easily fitted to any sizes of ear flaps and the Wide Back Band uses less pressure to keep the ear caps in place.

The X-Street Style is available in black and yellow for a superb neat syle.

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