The company behind this elegantly designed keyboard is known for its quality laptop bags and peripherals. Just recently, Targus put utmost attention to design and create peripherals and accessories for tablets and other consumer electronic products.

We’re very fortunate to be given a review unit of the Targus Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and Mac. Here’s what we say about it:



It’s nothing out of the ordinary. Design-wise, the Targus Bluetooth Keyboard kinda looks like your average compact layout bluetooth keyboard. Although we find the On/Off switch weirdly placed, the overall design of this keyboard is simple yet elegant. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t fail to stand out when we put it beside the official Apple wireless compact layout keyboard. The hot keys are placed similar with the Apple Wireless keyboard; so if you’re coming from the latter, using this keyboard won’t be hard to get familiar with.

IMG 20120505 120255

Targus Wireless Keyboard compared to the Apple Wireless Keyboard
Targus Wireless Keyboard compared to the Apple Wireless Keyboard


Typing in this keyboard is so convenient,thanks to its island-style layout and evenly distributed keys. The percussion sound it makes whenever I type is both amusing and productivity-inducing. In the function department, I’m totally giving this device a perfect score!

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Overall Impression

We’re very happy with this keyboard. It works great and most importantly, it can be used on the iPad and on our Mac. We don’t also want to miss out saying that setting this up with your iPad or Mac isn’t a pain in the ass.

It’s also priced well as its price sits between the price of the Apple Wireless Keyboard and other premium wireless keyboards compatible to the iPad. If you’ve got less than 3,000 bucks, this is the best keyboard you can get.

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