Early adopters, rejoice! The iPhone 5 will finally become available in the Philippines thru Widget City.

iPhone 5 in the Philippines

Widget City is currently “soliciting” thoughts and interest from their fans through their Facebook page. As for the price:

16gb: PhP47,000

32gb: PhP56,000

64gb: PhP61,000

We are still waiting for price update from Widget City. Some may find WC’s price quite steep; but remember, these are grey units and WC needs to impute custom charges and fee. As a matter of fact, WC’s offering is the lowest, if rumors about Infomaxx selling the iPhone 5 for not less than PhP72,000.

We suggest that if you are not an early adopter, it’s best to wait until December when Globe and Smart start offering the iPhone 5 officially.

What are you thoughts on this? Do you find Widget City’s price awesome or you’re just going to wait until December? Please hit the comments below.




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