We’ve been using the Cherry Mobile Titan for more than 3 weeks now, and up to this date, we’re still amazed with how capable this device is. Given its price of PhP6,499, the Titan is definitely a keeper; something that you can have as your primary or secondary phone. Anne Curtis even managed to show off her kembot-skills on the official Cherry Mobile Titan and Flare advertisement below.

Just recently, MyPhone launched a 5-incher that definitely sends a message to Cherry Mobile, “Meet your, papa!”. MyPhone and Cherry Mobile are 2 of the best selling cellphone companies in the Philippines.

MyPhone A919 Specs


I know they’re good friends, but I just want to make things exciting with the comparison table below.

Cherry Mobile Titan vs MyPhone A919


So, given the table above, which one do you think is a better phone? Is it the Titan or the A919?

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