It’s been a while since we heard about the impending launch of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 by Globe and Smart. Last October, Smart gave us a hunch that they’ll be launching the iPhone 5 soon through its defunct “Bite into the better network” ads. The video ads of the latter campaign were quickly made private by Smart Communications.


Now, this may just be another news from the rumor mill, but we’ve got basis on this. Aside from the news from our tipsters that Globe and Smart may have a grand launch this December 15, we’ve also read news that Apple has confirmed the availability of the said devices in China this month. Apple usually launches iDevices in China much later than Philippines.

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It’s good to note that Globe and Smart launched the iPhone 4s last December 16, 2011. Globe specifically targeted their iPhone 3gs plan subscribers while Smart – being its first Apple product to offer – offered it to their subscribers with more flexible and cheaper subscription fees. Moochie de Guzman, writer for Miss Independent Mind, wrote a definitive analysis of pricing and subscription cost of Globe’s and Smart’s iPhone 4s plans. (Click this for link).

Following through the launch date schedule and subscription/recontracting offer, it’s very likely that the tip we got that both telcos may launch the iPhone 5 on December 15 (Saturday) is very likely. In this case, Globe has the upper hand since their target market for the iPhone 5 are those who got their iPhone 4 subscribers in 2010 like me. Meanwhile, we’re very excited with what Smart has prepared for the launch. Smart spent a lot during their launch last year at Rockwell and even gave away iPhone 4ses to media and VIPs.

With all the negative comments and impressions the iPhone 5 and even Apple are gaining, iOS is still the number #1 preferred mobile operating system in the world.

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We know that the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are exciting and awesome devices, but we’re interested to know if you’re going to grab one if Globe and Smart officially offer both devices.

UPDATE 12/4/2012: It’s official. Apple will indeed launch the iPhone 5 in the Philippines next week. Apple said that the iPhone 5 will soon be available in the Philippines through Globe and Smart starting December 15. In this regard, it’s possible that both telcos will have launch events on December 14, 2012. We still have yet to find out we’ll be invited by Globe and Smart to their events. (Source: Apple Press Release)

UPDATE #2 12/14/2012: Globe has finally made its iPhone 5 registration page live following Apple’s official announcement that it will soon be available in the Philippines this month. To register: click this link. (Source: Abe Olandres).

UPDATE #3 12/14/2012: Smart has also announced the availability of the iPhone 5 starting December 14. In a Facebook status by one of the officers of Smart, she specifically said that Smart will indeed offer the iPhone 5 on the said date.

UPDATE #4 12/14/2012: Globe’s Pre-order page is DOWN. It’s kinda wonky lately.

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