Official Apple Resellers to Launch iPad Mini and iPad 4 this Weekend?

iPad Mini


We were informed by one of the distributors of iPad Cases and Macbook bags that Apple resellers will make the iPad Mini and iPad 4 available tomorrow or during the weekends. I was out to return the stuff we reviewed and our contact confirmed that a reseller – Power Mac ┬áCenter – will display the iPad Mini and iPad 4 on their shelves starting tomorrow.

iPad Mini

I messaged Power Mac Center about this to confirm. As of now (3 hours before 12/21/12), Power Mac hasn’t replied to my message.

I, for one, has not thought of replacing our iPad 3 with the iPad 4. In my opinion, the iPad 4’s speed are barely noticeable compared to the iPad 3. I’m more excited to replace my iPad 3 with the 2nd iteration of the iPad Mini, rumored to be announced by Apple before the end of 1Q 2013.

iPad Mini

What are your thoughts on this guys? Are you excited to buy the iPad Mini or the iPad 4?




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