The best things in life are free. But, ‘free’ nowadays is quite an abused word, as it has – most of the time – some extent or limitations. But, there are some exemptions like SmartNet, a free portal that gives you taste of online activities.


With SmartNet, you have an access to social streams (Facebook, Twitter), chat (Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger) and other Yahoo services. SmartNet also gives you a free access to Smart’s websites, which enables you to check your balance, view Smart’s services and other whitelisted websites accessible via

From SmartNet free Yahoo! Services, when going to third party sites, you will be notified that continuing to access the site may incur data charges. Clicking ‘Continue’ will mean that you accept the possible incurrence of charges and direct you to the site.

However, if you directly access the Yahoo! sites outside of SmartNet ( or via Yahoo! mail apps), you will not be notified and will incur data charges.

If you are using a smartphone which by nature connects to the Internet, check that no other background applications are running as this may cause unexpected data charges without notification. To avoid unexpected charging, simply tap on ‘Internet On’ to switch it to ‘Internet Off’. This will block off any apps that automatically require Internet. You will now be able to safely use SmartNet! [link]

In order to use this service, you have to download an application to your mobile phone. Quite unbelievable but SmartNet is available almost across all mobile phone operating platforms. Feel free to click on the links below to download the app that’s suitable to your phone.

Java Smartnet Android Smartnet iOS Smartnet

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