The new Sun Broadband endorser may not seem to be as Techie as we are here at Gadget Pilipinas, but this fine lady is such a heavy internet user. Burning her laptop as hot as she is, Solenn is online 24/7, managing her own Twitter account and her Fan Pages, updating her Facebook status, checking on her friends, or casually browsing on the net watching videos, reading articles, and alike.

Solenn for Sun

The Good Choice


Compromise with a bad internet service is not a thing for Solenn. She has been using Sun Broadband for a longest time because of its consistency in providing fast internet speed.  That familiarity leads her In joining the Sun Cellular as its newest endorser.

Esquire Philippines’ Sexiest Woman Alive, Solenn Heussaff said:

“I’m a laptop person; it’s my source of entertainment. Once I get home, when I wake up in the morning, that’s the first thing I do – check online. When I’m on the set – waiting; when there’s nothing to do and if I’m not reading my script – I’m on the net surfing, just looking at random things, reading random articles.”

“I’ve been using it for a very long time which makes me even more excited because like I mentioned earlier about the products I endorse, it should definitely be something I believe in.”

Solenn has achieved a lot of great things as bright as her name (Solana in Spanish which means “sun”) by choosing to make bright decisions. The choice is ours. It’s our turn.