What to Look Forward to with Google’s Entry in Manila

In front of selected media, Google formally announced its opening of Manila office last 23 January at Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, Taguig City.

It was a festive launch with Filipino feel surrounding the whole pavilion. There were the warm greetings from the staff of Google Inc. and Team Asia, free photo op with the Google Jeepney exhibit, and the styling of the venue with colorful banderitas.


The program started with a short trivia game about Google Inc. After which, Julian Persaud, Google’s Southeast Asia Managing Director took the floor and finally revealed the reason behind the festivity. Google Inc. is deepening its investment in the Philippines by opening a new office in Makati.

Google Philippines

“The Philippines is a key country in Southeast Asia in terms of its digital economy and techy-savvy population. This new office will allow Google to better engage with local users, partners and advertisers.” said by Persaud.

This step means further commitment of Google to the Philippines and along with it are advantages. From technological advances such as improved speed and better access that could translate to more opportunities and contributions to the economy.

Make Life Easier. Google assures the development of more products and services for the Filipino market. With this, we could expect more relevant stuff that could make life easier. Maybe more localized apps would be available; apps that could be for everyday use, just like the Google map with Filipino user interface. It has been greatly used up to date for driving directions.

Aside from this, better speed and access could strengthen Filipinos connection to significant content for information and education, and our connection too with other people through enhanced online communication.

More Career Opportunities. In terms of employment, new office means tapping of local talents thereby providing career opportunities to Filipinos. Actually, many want to try out and be part of Google’s team after all the photos that went viral showing how cool the set-up of its Headquarters is. So for those interested for its job openings, Google would be posting soon at

Google Philippines

Better chances also await Filipino developers as the number of localized apps would grow. It is time for those ideas turn into products and services that could be distributed online.

Online Business Growth. Just like what Undersecretary Manuel L. Quezon III mentioned during the launch, we hope that Google’s entry will encourage more local businesses to go online and tap not just the local but also the international markets. Maybe this year, more local companies would be encouraged to boost their brand online and hopefully, the exposure would help them to generate more sales.

Tie-up with the Government. Above all, I guess our most valuable gain from Google’s entry here in the country is the assistance that it could extend to the Philippine society. Maybe the skill and expertise could be of help to the government in integrating technology to their activities and campaigns. Just like how Google map stood as a great platform for new updates during the calamities brought by Ondoy, Sendong, Pablo, and the 2012 monsoon floods. Hopefully, we could look forward to more tools like it, something that could be valuable to the operations of the government agencies.

Also, with the presence of Google’s physical office, linkages with local communities and departments now become more possible and easier.

“We envision Google as part of everyday Filipino lives and as partner in the development of local communities, culture, and business.” said by the appointed Country Manager for the Philippines, Narciso Reyes.

Google Philippines

This is an exciting time for us in terms of technology! With high hopes, may the presence of Google in the country bring technological advances that could help our country move forward.