CSMC Mobile App, Medical App, Emergency Number, Cardinal Santos


The first among hospitals in the Philippines.


Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) is now providing patients and doctors an easy access to their hotlines and important numbers. With the CSMC’s Mobile application, patients and doctors can click to call the emergency room or to schedule appointments and medical procedures. CSMC is the first hospital in the Philippines to launch a mobile application.

No need to worry on looking for the correct number to call during emergency or when booking an appointment or scheduling a medical procedures with your doctor.

Other features such as viewing Diagnostic results will follow on the next version development of the mobile application.


How to download:

Go to Google Play ( and search for Cardinal Santos Medical Center. You will get 2 results; just choose the one that is compatible with your Android version. Follow the instructions for your device. Or you may click CSMC Mobile App 3.2+ or CSMC Mobile App 1.0-3.2.


CSMC’s mobile application is available for Android devices and soon on iOS devices.