bt keyboard, euroo, bluetooth keyboard, wireless keyboard, keyboard for android, iphone keyboard, ipad keyboardThe Euroo Bluetooth Keyboard is one of the most versatile keyboards that I have used. It has a good feel of soft feel giving a comfortable typing feel. It is covered by a rubberized case protecting it from dust and water spillage. It can also be cleaned with wet cloth without damaging it. Although there is protection from water spillage, it is not water resistant. There are some openings on the side for the power switch and charging slot.  Pairing is easy, just press the pairing button, turn on the Bluetooth of the desired device and type on the keyboard the numbers or letter that will appear on the screen and then press enter. It has function keys that can be found on the regular keyboard. Has shortcut buttons which makes editing easier when typing. When paired with a tablet, it is like having a laptop or a desktop on the go. Light weight and compact, perfect for on the go business type of person.

I tried pairing it to different types of devices both Android and iOS devices to see which device it is more compatible with.

Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)

Of course, as expected, I would be testing it on my favorite phone. Perfect! I was able to maximize the use. Menu and other buttons are properly working as well. Used arrow buttons in selecting a desired app to open as well as in moving from the page to another. I tried to do some editing using Document-to-Go and I am satisfied with its performance. Shortcut functions are working very well such as Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and other editing shortcuts. Since I am always travelling and meeting up with clients outside the office, bringing this will help me a lot if there would be some documents to be edited. I also played around it creating good home screens such as the one created by Fustion Bolt. Bravo!

Xperis GO (ST27i)

Although Xperia GO is a small smartphone, I still tried it. Most of the buttons are working even the shortcut functions and the menu button. Arrow keys working in choosing the desired application and going from one page to another. Working well. The only thing is that it really looks awkward using a keyboard on a small smartphone especially when it is 3 times smaller than the keyboard.

Galaxy TAB 2 (P3100)

I can say that this is the perfect match for this Bluetooth keyboard. The 10-inch screen of the tablet really matches the compact size of Euroo Bluetooth keyboard. I am definitely bringing this keyboard with me whenever I’ll be out with the tablet. Of course you cannot use it on your lap while travelling on a bus like your laptop since it cannot be physically connected, but definitely, it is perfect if you are on a copy shop doing your work or randomly commenting of your Facebook page.

iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5

I was lucky enough to try the Euroo Keyboard on the iOS device since most of the people in our house are using apple (but not me), I can say that it is compatible as stated on the box. It has limited function. Shortcut functions are not working. It is giving some lags while typing. Some letters are being typed repeatedly although it was just pressed once. Quite unsatisfactory, but still you can use it when typing a text message or commenting on Facebook.

iPad 2 / iPad 3

I also tried it on my cousin’s iPads and again as stated on the box, it can be paired with it. Same experience with the iPhones that I tried earlier. No need to say more.

ACER Aspire 4736Z

Wow, it is a good experience for me to use this on my laptop. All keys are working. Function keys are working. Shortcuts functions are also working. You can do the all the things that you can do with your regular keyboard. Amazing! What I did now is pair it with my laptop and my Bluetooth keyboard, connected my laptop to our TV, connect a 2.1 speakers, sit on our couch and launched Defense of the Ancients. MMMMMMooonster kill!!!

Hwawei Media Pad (S7-931wd)

Since I want to try it with almost all the device, I can’t, because we only have a handful of them.  Then I saw our PLDT Telpad and thought of trying it to. It got connected. The Euroo Bluetooth keyboard looks and works well on the 7-inch tablet. Same functions as what I have experienced with the android devices that I tried.

Nokia Asha 306

Although I already suspect that this will not work, just to satisfy my urge of trying it on most of the device, I still did. As expected, it is not compatible. Then I asked myself why did I still try it? Hahaha!!!

It seems that it is compatible on almost all devices that I tried except for the Nokia, this device is already a good buy for me. Since it seems that it is more compatible for the Android the devices and not with the iOS, I wonder why on the box says “for iOS devices”.  Is it because that the name iOS is “more” appealing to the buyers? According to Euroo “We are targeting iOS users thus emphasis was given to iOS device but definitely will work with Android products.”

I just have a few comments about the product like the instruction manual is very limited, and there is no other instructions but on how to pair the device. Euroo said “The operation itself is very simple so it does not need complicated instruction manuals (besides nobody read manuals even smartphones does not have manuals). They can ask technical questions thru our FB fan page.”  Also some of the keys when pressed simultaneously gives out a symbol which is different from what is on the keyboard keys such as pressing Shift+1 for the exclamation point. But this varies on which type of device was paired.

For Android users this will be a good buy for them. The price of the device is Php 1999.00 and is available on Robinson’s appliance/department store, SM department store, Landmark, Powermac, and to some leading gadget stores.


For product inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page at

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