Tomorrow is a special day for us dads and before anything else I would like to greet all fathers like me out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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Most small problems are becoming big because of communication problems. The absence of communication is the most common cause of broken relationships. As a father, I should understand the value of communications and it’s importance in strengthening the relationship. Just like Globe Telecom, they understand the value of connections and it seeks to bridge relationship gaps, to nurture and  strengthen bonds in order to make great things possible.


In celebration of father’s Day, here is a short video from Globe which I featured in my previous article Globe Real Stories: Daddy’s Girl. It is a true-to-life video about a father and daughter who were reconnected by simply communicating. We will see how the power of communication bridges relationship gaps.

The story in the 90-second video revolves around a father and her teenage daughter. She had been a daddy’s girl from childhood but all that suddenly changed when her mom met an untimely death due to a vehicular accident.

He proceeds to relate that since his wife’s death, his daughter had refused to talk to him. Instead, she would just text him to ask whatever she needed from him.

The turning point in their relationship came one day when he suddenly got a call from his daughter.  That initial conversation melted the ice between him and his daughter.

“We just talked and talked and talked. And I just felt our family was just starting to heal,” the dad recalled at the end of the video.

While the video is heart-rending in that it tells about how a husband and a daughter were trying to cope with the loss of a beloved wife and a mother, it also depicts hope that loving relationships can be restored for as long as the lines of communication remain open.

As a father, I should know the importance of effective communication which will ensure us a successful and enduring relationships with our family and the people around us. Globe wants to encourage us to take advantage of their best communication tool to forge better relationships with friends and family.

To all Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day from Gadget Pilipinas and Globe Telecom