Globe and Global Shapers Lab recently held an event an here at ADB Auditorium. Shapers Lab is an event aimed at promoting the use of innovative technology-based solutions as a tool for social change.

Catalyst For Change

The youngest senator-elect, Bam Aquino talked about “Connecting the Connected Generation”. He stressed that the youth is the connected generation, but can get too impatient. With proper use of technology and social media, he said that these can be viable lubricants for social change.



He also said that we need to have solution for hunger, poverty, climate change and unemployment. The old ways of creating solutions for these may not work anymore. We need to constantly innovate and use available technology to solve this.

In closing, Bam shared an anecdote about the secret to happiness – kindness and compassion. We have to be connected this way.

Meanwhile, Jude Turcuato of and Fox International Channels talked about tech based innovations for social good. He related his reasons for putting up – It is a venue for self-expression – a venue to “speak your mind”.


His talk further discussed how other changemakers are using ICT to maximize the reach and impact of their work in a networked, digital, and multi-stakeholder world.


The 3rd speaker was the Marketing Manager of Groupon Philippines, Mark Bantigue. He talked about repurposing technology to drive impact. He stressed that there is no pressure in creating technology. Innovators just need to repurpose it. He related that breakthroughs can come from the re-purposing of existing, often free, technologies that allow for data-driven project-management specifically when applied to consumer habits, development and social enterprise. He added that repurposed technology is a tool for change.

Mark Bantigue

He shared that Groupon uses consumerism to boost social change. Because of this endeavor, Groupon launched Grassroots – A new way to discover local causes, rally together, and lend a helping hand.

The last speaker was the founder of and Kickstart Ventures Inc., Minette Navarette. Kickstart aims to accelerate the growth of startups and technopreneurs. They also aim to co-create a dynamic innovation ecosystem in the Philippines.

Minette Navarette

Minette said that the Philippines has the right conditions for innovations, but the challenge for innovators and kickstarters is to make people participate. Companies or groups such as Kickstart Ventures Inc. look for innovators that can do things, tackle hard problems and solve them; and solutions to local market and regional needs, as well as plans for “world domination”.

One best example that Minette said during her talk is the solution called “Apptivate“. This solution opens the world of apps to non-credit card holders. It is a web service for smartphones and tablets which allows users to purchase applications without a credit card. At the moment Apptivate is only for iOS devices. There are 18 million smartphone owners, but only 1 in 4 has credit card. Apptivate solved this by making use of load as a way to purchase app.


How to purchase apps with SMS load

1. Text APP
*Available denominations: 60 and 120
2. Send to 2662
3. Redeem pin code
4. Purchase your app
5. Enjoy!This service is only for Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

*UPDATE: The whole-day gathering, which is meant to promote positive transformation for society, concluded by selecting 15 finalists out of 119 entries/delegates.

Out of 119 entries from socially-conscious and IT savvy youth vying for program development, mentorship and ICT support, 15 were chosen as finalists on the strength of the selection criteria’s three pillars: Innovation, demonstrating creativity and originality; Implementation feasibility, that the project is doable within the given timeline and capable to mobilize stakeholders; and Impact, that it should provide a long-lasting solution to an existing problem. They are the following:

  • Bloodtype, a web and mobile app designed as an information dissemination mechanism, record keeper and advocacy campaign for blood donation
  • Clinicali, a diagnostic software containing a database of known symptoms and manifestation of neglected tropical diseases with treatment recommendations
  •, a web application providing open access to a centralized transport data and various modes of transportation in Metro Manila
  • eTapon, an app allowing households access to options on managing waste disposal
  • FindMyDok, a mobile app that provides real time notifications to patients on accessible doctors and medical specialists within their location
  • Flare App, a live feed into the work strategy of response units during a natural disaster
  • Good Food Rescue, an app connecting volunteers with food institutions and charities to channel excess food to those who need them most
  • iNanay, which will provide modules on prenatal, postnatal and neonatal care among others through SMS advisory and reminder system to pregnant women
  • Prison Telepsychiatry, a two-way live interactive audio-video conferencing meant to improve mental health service delivery in a prison setting
  • Project Laan, a Bantay-Kalusugan SMS system giving subscribers daily updates on Philhealth-related news and means to contact the agency if they have questions on their insurance details
  • Re-Store, an online eco-conscious community where Metro-Manila-based individuals or businesses can post unwanted but useable equipment, furniture, books and the like
  • Teach2Read, an e-learning app designed as a pre-school learning tool in reading
  • Time’s Up Tobacco, an online mechanism with user-friendly resources on laws and regulations on ads, sales and promos of tobacco products
  •, an online platform  that provides specialized travel packages to the Philippines, that allows adventurers to have fun while also contribute to nation-building along the way
  •, an online database of the promises made by various elected officials featuring crowd-sourced information

From the 15 finalists, five will be selected to win P200,000 cash grants to help put their ideas to actionable programs. Global Shapers Manila Hub, ICT experts, development professionals and Globe BridgeCom officers will assist in implementing the five solutions for a span of three months, including the opportunity to be instituted as part of Globe BridgeCom’s regular programs.

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