Authentic universal fit monitors or headphones don’t come in cheap. Such headphones offer outstanding sound clarity with the ability to suppress noise through its driver and buds, thus the hefty price. While some would cost you more than 7,000 bucks, you will probably won’t budge to know that Westone UM1 only costs less than PhP4,000.

Westone UM1

Check out the video below to see the retail packaging and content of Westone UM1.


The package contains premium comfort tips, travel pouch and cleaning tool.

The travel pouch is very handy if you wish to carry the earphones with you without losing the comfort tips. Unfortunately, you can’t bring all the comfort tips with you as the inside pocket of the travel pouch isn’t big enough.

Westone UM1

The UM1 has the following specifications:

  • Sensitivity: 114dB @ 1mW
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz -16 kHz
  • Impedance: 25 ohms @ 1kHz
  • Driver: Balanced armature, full-range
  • Cable: Westone EPIC G2 cable

The UM1 isn’t your typical earphones as it’s assembled with an ultra-accurate driver, which enables it to deliver dynamic sound reproduction. With this technology, you are assured that the fidelity of your music will not be compromised. The tips provide a lot of comfort to the ears, making it appear as if there is nothing placed in ear. Though it took me a bit of time to master putting on the tip, as advertised, Westone True-Fit technology truly perfectly helps the buds conform to the shape of my ears.

Westone UM1 11

Westone UM1

One of the best things I’ve experienced with this earphones is the clarity of sound it produces. If you want to preserve the quality – in every bit of detail – of your music, the UM1 can easily capture and give off clear and precise sound. While testing the product, it’s also apparent that it gives off a warm sound, which I believe is highly suitable for those who listen to acoustic, jazz and pop music.

Westone UM1 6

Westone UM1 is available in orange, pink, red, teal, green, clear and smoke for only PhP3,950. It’s available at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub.


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