While most netizens flock in Glorietta to celebrate Social Media weekend last June 29, some members of WoMoz (Woman of Mozilla) Philippines gathered in a coffee shop in Makati to code and create a website.

WoMoz Philippines, Womoz Webmaker

Spearheaded by Faye Tandog, Lead of Women and Mozilla Initiative in the Philippines, the said event is the 1st activity of WoMoz in the Philippines and it was set to empower women to create websites and web contents using Webmaker.

WoMoz Philippines, Women of Mozilla
The men and women representatives of Mozilla in the Philippines.

The goal of the event is simple: create a simple website to promote WoMoz using Webmaker.

What is Webmaker anyway?

The latter is a free online project created by Mozilla that allows users to not just create website and content but to also understand how the web works. Think of it as a platform that enables users to create something while learning in the process. With Webmaker, you can create videos or websites from scratch or your can “remix” pre-made materials/template.

There are two tools to choose from in Webmaker – Popcorn Maker and Thimble.

mozilla webmaker

Key Takeaway of the Event

The event organized by Mozilla Philippines, particularly by WoMoz, is an ingenious way to interactively teach web development. You see, women can be geeky too; and with the right tools like Thimble and Popcorn Maker, they can be perfect “catalysts” for social good.

Thimble’s split screen interface, which shows HTML codes and metas (for tutorial purposes), is a perfect example of visually explaining the fundamentals of web development. Popcorn Maker, however, introduces video content creation in a non-intimidating manner.

WoMoz Philippines




WoMoz is just one of the many initiatives of Mozilla representatives around the world. While the event held last Saturday is exclusively for women, anyone – gender aside – can be a part of Mozilla Reps. If you’re willing to sign up, be sure that you’re up to undergo and complete short but rigorous  application process for Mozilla to asses that you’re fit to organize Mozilla events. Click this link to know more.

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