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Last October 1, Nokia Philippines launched the Lumia 1020, the smartphone that highly considers imaging as priority.

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The Lumia 1020’s crowing glory is its camera, which is packed with the 2nd generation 41 megapixel sensor, six lens Carl Zeiss optics with optical image stabilization. This technology was formerly seen in Pureview 808, which was launched last February 2012.

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The secret to the Pureview technology isn’t just on the sensor but the process called “pixel oversampling”. To see how this process happens, take a look at the video below. [It’s best to watch this on 1080p for better appreciation.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezIZjFt80kQ[/youtube]

The PureView concept [from AllAboutSymbian]

The central idea behind Nokia’s original ‘PureView’ system was to have a large sensor with a high megapixel count – not for producing high megapixel images (though that’s possible too), but for gathering enough light information that ‘computational photography’ became a reality. In addition to a degree of genuinely lossless digital zoom, the highlight for many people was ‘oversampling’, pulling information from multiple pixels on the sensor to produce ‘perfect’ pixels in a lower resolution output image.

This ‘perfection’ is manifested, in theory, by the elimination of digital (random) noise, since random pixel readouts at the pixel level get neatly averaged out as part of the oversampling process. In addition, there’s better colour and illumination accuracy, again because values from underlying physical pixels can be cleverly averaged.

Nokia believes that a great camera sensor needs a capable software and application. This is the very reason why the Lumia 1020 has an application called Nokia Pro Camera. This enables people to maximize the capabilities of the camera. It also allows people to shoot first and then zoom later to discover and re-discover stories that contain more detail than the eye can see. It has a very user-friendly and beautiful interfact that visually shows how settings will affect the final photo or video. Nokia Pro Camera and Pureview Technology are perfect for each other.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is Now Available in the Philippines for PhP 35650
Photo Courtesy: PC Advisor

According to Gary Chan, Head of Marketing, Pan Asia, Nokia:

“Consumers want to capture and share memorable experiences with their smartphone. We want to take people on a journey from capturing pictures to recording and sharing their lives. The Nokia Lumia 1020 brings new meaning to pictures and continues to strengthen Nokia’s leadership in imaging. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the first smartphone to exceed many standalone digital cameras in terms of image quality capture ensuring users always have that perfect photo – day or night,”


The Lumia 1020’s is in sync with the Lumia design philosophy. It’s made of durable premium polycarbonate material in unibody build. It is pre-installed with the Windows Phone 8, an OS with growing rich ecosystem and with over 175,000 applications.



An Evening with Nokia Lumia 1020 Storytellers

The event also showcased photos from world-renowed Filipino photographers. The photos in the exhibit were taken using Nokia Lumia 1020.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is Now Available in the Philippines for PhP 35650
Nokia Lumia 1020 Storytellers, (L-R) Yukie Sarto, much sought-after fashion photographer; Giannina Gonzalez, noted food stylist; Nina Sandejas, favorite concert photographer; Aaron Mendoza, award-winning documentary director, with Karel Holub, General Manager, Nokia Philippines (far left) and Gary Chan, Head of Marketing, Pan Asia, Nokia (far right)

Price and Availability

Starting from 11 October 2013, in select GMA stores, and the rest of the country soon after, the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available in yellow, white and black at a price of PHP 35,650 with the free Nokia Camera Grip (valued at P4,000 but will not be sold separately) through Nokia Stores, authorized retailers and local operators with attractive data plans.

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