Tempus fugit – time flies. 2013 is about to end. As witnesses of this year’s technological feats, we have seen how capable humans are to innovate and bring “the future” closer to our midst. But before we look at the exciting things that will and might happen in 2014, let’s us look back at how 2013 made most of us thrilled.

Top 5 Tech trends in 2013

1. Affordable quad-core phones. Arc Mobile 450qd almost made it to this year’s most affordable quad-core phone. But in the 4th quarter of 2014, Cherry Mobile outed the 2nd iteration of their wildly successful device with Flare 2.0. Months later, Cherry Mobile teased Flare HD, a device that’s packed with MediaTek quad-core processor and HD screen.

2. Transforming Tablets. Laptops aren’t exactly dead yet. I should give credit to Asus for bringing affordable hybrid netbooks into fruition with Transformer Book T100. It’s a worthy precedent to more innovative but affordable trend.


3. Power Banks. This is probably the most sought-after accessory of this year. Cases with battery packs, external power banks, super-powered batteries and “juice” packs with flashlights – you name it! Most smartphone users – especially the ones using iPhones – carry one. You’re probably reading this article using a device with a power-bank appendage.

4. Smart watches. Smart watches give James Bond experience, which are mostly wished to have by most men! Having a second wearable screen of smartphones is undoubtedly cool.

5. Phablets. Phones are getting bigger. The iPhone got bigger in 2012, and Apple retained its size this year with the iPhone 5s. The 3rd iteration of Galaxy Note got bigger as well. Samsung even introduced Galaxy Note 8 (with phone functionality) and Galaxy Mega this year!

With all these tech fuzz this year, I am even more excited to see what’s in store for us. Just a week ago, I was invited by GMA News TV to share my thoughts about what’s going to be trendy next year. During the interview, I told the host, Valerie Tan, that we will see more of what we’ve seen and experienced this year.

Here’s a video of the segment on GMA News TV for your viewing pleasure!

Here are my thoughts:

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