You can find a DJ headphones almost everywhere you look. I’ve got to tell you – this is an awesome companion for music lovers.

We’ve got an AKG K619 DJ headphones, and we’re slated to review and see if its features are worth bragging about.

Here is a quick unboxing video of the AKG 619 Headphones.

AKG 619, Headphones, DJ Headphones, AKG, Supra Aural Headphones



The highlight of this stylish supra-aural headphone is its non-bulky and heavy build. Earpiece can be rotated and comes with an extension cable if in case you need a longer wire when playing music.

AKG 619, Headphones, DJ Headphones, AKG, Supra Aural Headphones

During my initial tests, I noticed though that AKG K619 headphones is more compatible with an iOS device than Android. Although the device works well on both devices, the volume rockers only work for iOS devices.

I have played a few music already and I can say that the sound being produced are neat, clear and warm. Other types of its line would really produce a hard bass sound but this one is really great! You can actually notice the difference between a music that has 320 and 192 kbps!

Watch out for our complete review of this product very soon. 



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