Social Learning network, Brainly, recently entered the Philippines last month. The said network is being used by 22 million unique users in over 35 countries.

Community Manager for the Philippines at Brainly, Monika Ambrozowicz, told us that their goal is to put up an environment for mutual learning and collaboration. Such environment is perfect for students, especially those who wish to learn from other Brainly users. The said site has gamified elements such as rankings, levels and motivation rewards system to encourage users to share their thoughts and received new learnings.

But how does this really work? Well, as Monika said, it can easily be explained in 2 sentences: every registered user spends a certain number of points, which can be used to ask questions about a homework or school subject problem. In order to get points one needs to help other users with their problems.

For visual learners, here’s an infographic to see how Brainly works.

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