Do you remember Braven 570 we reviewed last September 2013? Well, it now has a much younger variant, which you might want to take a look at – the Braven 600. This isn’t just your ordinary bluetooth portable speaker. It has the power – literally – to juice up your phone!


The Braven 600 is enclosed in a much premium looking retail box compared to its predecessor. Check out my unboxing photos for your reference.


The one I reviewed is a red portable speaker and it looks almost strikingly the same with the 570. The new iteration’s design details though are much more refined especially the color and brand etchings and placements.


Its impact-polymer casing is top-notch – that is from a design and quality standpoint. I did not dare throw this to prove my point but you’ve got to visit the stores that offer this device (see list below) to see how it stacks up to other portable speakers.


Braven’s signature holed-up speaker grills occupy about 60% of the speaker’s casing. Don’t be surprised though – the actual speakers is actually where the ‘Braven 600’ branding is. I will talk about the speakers a little later.

Just like other Braven speakers, this one also has a check light function, which lets you check the status of its battery. This is located on the left side of the device along with the lineout and USB charging port.


The line-out proved to be really useful especially if you wish to extend your sound to a much loud speakers.

Perhaps, one of the highlight features of Braven 600 is its ChargeExtreme function. This, however, failed to fully impress me because the speaker’s additional juice isn’t enough to power up my iPhone 5s. It barely charged my phone to 60%.

Much like the Braven 570, you can also use the device to receive calls via bluetooth. Volume may easily be adjusted using its volume rockers.


As for its sound, the new Braven emits warm and mellow sound. That’s something that would really be go well with those who love listening to jazz and ballad. If you’re looking for a speaker that gives off reverberating and loud sound, you may want to stay away from this speaker.

The speaker’s battery jacked up to 1400mAh, 200mAh higher than the 570. It should be able to handle a playback time up to 12-20 hours at medium volume.

Braven 570 is available at the following stores:
  • Astroplus
  • Astrovision
  • Beyond the Box
  • Digital Arena
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • iCenter
  • iGig
  • iStore
  • iStudio
  • MicroStation
  • Mobile 1
  • Odyssey
  • SM Appliance
  • SM Department Store
  • Stoked Inc.
  • Technoholics
Technical Specifications
Audio Details

  • Approx. music/audio playtime: 12-20 hours (depending on model) at medium volume
  • Speakerphone with built-in microphone
  • Decibels at .5m (loud/volume level): 95dB (1khz at 10cm)
  • Sensitivity (Bluetooth standard ≤ -70dBm): Min. -75, Typical -85, Max. -88dBm
  • Line-in impedance: 10 Kohm
  • Line-out impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Number of passive drivers: 2
  • Number of active speaker drivers: 2
  • Dimensions of each active driver: 40mm*2
  • Subwoofer: 40mm passive driver
  • Class D digital amplifier
  • Output Level: 95dB at 0.5m
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, IC

Wireless Connectivity

  • Technology: Bluetooth 3.0+EDR
  • Wireless Range: Approximately 10M/33 ft. (line of sight)

Supported Profiles

  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)1.2
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.5,
  • Headset Profile (HSP) 1.1


  • Description: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery (3.7V)
  • Battery Capacity: 1400mAh
  • Playback Time: Approx. 12 hours at medium volume over Bluetooth
  • Time required for full charge: 3.5 – 4.5 hours
  • AC Adapter Type: SP5QF-NA
  • Adapter Certifications: UL, CE, FCC, PSE, SAA
  • Input: AC 100 – 240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.18A
  • Output: DC 5V 1A

We are also giving this one away!

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Winner will be announced on our official Facebook page. Winner will be messaged via Twitter and via Facebook. Winner must be a resident of the Philippines and must have a TWEET that answers the question: What phone would you like to pair to your new Braven 600? Be sure to comment the link of your tweet on the comment section below.


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