I downloaded and subscribed to Deezer 2 weeks ago. I was actually surprised to see how cool the service is and how big its music collection that can literally stand against its rival streaming service. Thanks to Smart for bringing this to the Philippines!

Here are 5 things that make Deezer an awesome music streaming service:

  1. Deezer has a large music catalogue! In fact, according to Deezer, its catalogue is larger and more diverse than any other streaming service. In fact, Deezer has over 30 million tracks available to be streamed! That’s over 150M minutes of music or over 170 gigabytes of songs that are not necessarily stored in your phone! It’s widely used by more people as it’s available in 182 countries.

  2. Ever thought of why Deezer’s official hashtag is #DiscoverDeezer? This is actually the 2nd reason why Deezer’s awesome! It’s global reach, library editors and innovative algorithm give subscribers an adaptable and highly personal music discovery experience. Simply click ‘Explore’ on the web or on the app, and Deezer will easily pick the music for you based on your preference and listening habit. But don’t think of this as something that’s simply intelligently done by a computer algorithm. Unlike other music streaming services that use pure computer algorithm, Deezer combines global music ambassadors and computer algorithms to suggest music that suits people’s sound.

  3. Local Artists are highlighted on Deezer. This makes Deezer OPM-friendly and supportive of our local artists. I would often see Sarah Geronimo, Juris, James Reid and Abra on Deezer charts. Mabuhay ang OPM!

4. There are also tons of apps that support Deezer. Apps like TuneWiki, which you can use to sing along to the songs you love with synced lyrics, are available to add spice to your listening experience.

  1. It’s free, personalized music on mobile. With Flow and the new mobile radio features, anyone will be able to discover great new music on their mobile, completely free from any limitations. If you wish to access Deezer using your mobile phone and without any ads, go Deezer Premium+ for only PhP250 a month. If you only wish to access Deezer via web without ads, go Deezer Premium for PhP120 a month. And yes, as mentioned, there is Discovery version which is free of charge!

I highly encourage you to try it out, and be the judge! There is no need to download any app on your desktop if you’re reading this on your web browser. Just go to and start streaming music like a boss!

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