Last Monday, June 30, Asus Philippines finally announced the availability of the Zenfone line to the Philippines. But more importantly, Asus also proudly invited us (and also you guys) to grace the official launch of Zenfone 6 on July 17 at 7pm.

Zenfone 6 is heralded as one of the most affordable devices, which features impressive hardware specifications and camera that can compete with other brands and other more expensive devices.

Apart from its highly power-efficient and fast Intel processor, Zenfone 6, the new device features a camera that is best for low-light photography. This is thanks to Zenfone 6’s PixelMaster technology, which allows the phone to capture vibrant details under low-light conditions by smartly merging neighboring pixels. Asus aptly calls this Pixel Merging. Most photos that are shot in low-light conditions tend to have a lot of noise. But not with Zenfone 6’s as it also has Pixel Perfecting feature, which reduces noise by 400% and increases contrast by 200%?


During the event, some Zenfone 5 phones were on display. Systems Technical PR, Gabriel Padit willingly demonstrated all the features of the said phone, which closely match the features of the soon-to-be-launched, Zenfone 6. Here are some of the photos of Zenfone 5 to titillate your interest.

Consumers can start to purchase Zenfone 4,5 and 6 from Lazada ( on July 17, 7pm. Authorized ASUS resellers will carry the smartphones including the Padfone Mini on the week following the launch. The arrival of Zenfones in Philippines marks a significant milestone for ASUS following Zenfone’s success in Taiwan, China and the rest of South East Asia.

During the brief and exclusive media event, Asus Marketing Manager, Jamie Zaldivar also informed everyone the availability of their latest Fonepad 7 and Memopad 7 that both run on Intel Quad-core 64bit BayTrail CPU. The guys at Asus also gave us a sneak peak of the Padfone Mini.

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