We all know that AMD is a top-notch company which specializes into a technology that gives power and reliability to a wide range of personal computers, tablets and even gaming consoles. Today, AMD finally launches the most advanced mobile processing unit here in our shores. Introduced last 2011, this so-called Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) is basically a computer chip that is composed of both the CPU and GPU. Ryan Sim, the General Manager of AMD (ASEAN), said that this is a major breakthrough when it comes to processing units to mobile technology.

2014 AMD A-Series APU StandardNot only the AMD A-series APU can generate striking graphics, its performance is also far more superior than the previous ones and it even has a cost-effective power use. The architecture of the A-series has 12 compute cores which means it has 4 CPU plus 8 GPU which would really help establish a blazing speed performance and responsiveness. When it comes to numbers, the A-series APU is 81% faster when using Adobe software applications like Photoshop and 80% better for JPEG Decoding.


The technology behind the connection of the CPU and GPU is called the Heterogeneous System Architecture. The HSA helps the CPU and GPU to work in harmony by dividing the tasks assigned to either of the two which eventually activates the true power of your desktop and notebook PCs.

The power use of the A-series is also improved by the AMD. By using this processing unit, you can browse your favorite websites for 9 hours or you can read your favorite book for 11 hours. The sound quality is also enhanced because of the new TrueAudio technology by AMD. The incomparability sound by TrueAudio would make you think if you are really playing your favorite game because of the lifelike reverberations.


Along with the new APU, AMD also promotes Mantle. This new API is far more advanced than the ever reliable Direct X11. With AMD Mantle, the future of gaming is at our hands. Comparing it to the Direct X11, Mantle is 136% greater. That’s a lot. I mean A LOT. It is now compatible to all current Radeon GPUs and if you will ask me, it is an upgrade that’s super effective.


As of now, the AMD’s 2014 A-Series APU is available to Acer and Lenovo. Acer’s E15 which has AMD A8 with Radeon R5 GPU and 8 Compute Cores (4 CPU & 4 GPU) is now available at a retail price of Php29,990.00. While Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z50-75 which has AMD A10 with Radeon R6 GPU with 10 Compute Cores (4 CPU & 6 GPU) is available at Php33,995.00. Ryan Sim acknowledges that more computer brands would eventually feature the AMD A-Series.


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