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This has never happened before but now Smart brings you the best of entertainment just within your reach and the good thing is you won’t need your credit card this time. With Smart Load or Postpaid Line, you can now purchase your favorite games, movies and music via the Google Play Store.

All you have to do is to select the app that you want to buy and select your Smart Billing as your payment option. It is that easy!



To list down what you can do with your Smart, here it is:

Apps and in-app purchases on Google Play plus:

·         Music on Spinnr and Deezer

·         Online gaming ePins on GameX

·         Books and e-magazines on Buqo

·         Hollywood movies, TV series, and sports livestreaming on Viewstream and Blink

With this convenient way, you will not be worried about overspending via your credit card. With this, you can control your expenses like no other. Plus, if you have a Smart Postpaid line, your billing is so much easy to understand and in that way, you have a seamless gaming/surfing experience.

To know more about this awesome update, check out the official page to learn more.

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