Digital Audio Players (DAP) are considered defunct and old. Well, at least the ones that don’t support high definition audios. I was introduced to HDAs by my friends Johann Fojas, Alexei Rivera of the Technoclast and Mikey Bautista of KatipunanCowboy. After listening to some lossless audio tracks with 1029kbps@44kHz rate on my Fiio X3 + Superlux HD681 Evo, I couldn’t help but crave for more.

I must admit, my Fiio X3 is a bit dated but there are plenty of reasons why I chose it than the much updated X1 and X5. (Our reliable source tipped us though that a new X3 is on the way with updated build and click wheel.) For starters, the X5 costs an arm and a leg so it’s really out of my options (it’s priced at PhP17,999). Don’t get me wrong though – X1 and X5 are great DAPs – so choosing X3 is more of my personal decision.

Fiio X3 is one of the best and sought after DAP/DAC combos around. It’s your budget alternative to the X5, and a far more capable choice over the X1. The latter however has gained a lot of traction from audiophiles due to its much sleeker design and intuitive but rather familiar controls. The X1 does an excellent job as a DAP, but since it lacks DAC capability, more people are still looking for X3, which is around PhP5,000 more expensive than the X1.

The DAP/DAC combo is partly made of plastic and metal. It has retained Fiio’s signature design – metal back casing with plastic encircling bezels. It has a hold switch found on its right, while the rest of the buttons are located in front, just below its screen. X3’s hardware controls feel a bit archaic though. This is one of the reasons why consumers – who are specifically listening to HDAs – choose X1 over the X3.

Fiio X3 (6)

Fiio X3 (12)

2 ports can be found on top of the device – coaxial out and headphone out. The reset button is sandwiched by these two ports. The microUSB port and line out may be found at the bottom.

Fiio X3 (11)

1 X3 is not just a DAP, it is also an excellent portable digital audio converter. This is very handy for me because I use my motherboard’s stock audio card and can sometimes be a pain in the arse. With X3 as my outboard audio card, it conveniently opened me to music the way musicians meant their to be heard. [stextbox id=”info” caption=”Setup”]Fiio X3 + Kitsound Boom Evolution[/stextbox]


2 While on DAC mode, you can control Treble and Bass levels thru X3’s UI.
The X3 isn’t a complete DAC workstation, but at least you’ve got easy access to bass and treble levels – a must have for audiophiles. This also works well for PC gamers should you want to to adjust the mentioned levels in game. No need to ALT-TAB to your audio software to make any adjustments.

Fiio X3 (17)

3 Take your lossless music files with you. Provided that you’ve got a mid to high quality cans or earphones, you can listen to your music files without losing any quality with the X3. Supported files include FLAC, WAV, WMA, and ALAC files with up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution. The X3 also handles AAC and MP3 files.

While on DAC mode, however, you wouldn’t be able to increase the volume of your music further when you route your music to your headphone via line out. There’s no point of doing this since the optimal setup is to insert your headphones via the headphones out. Should you still want to experiment on doing this, you may get yourself a pocket amp like the Fiio E20i Rocky. Check out the photo below for the quite complicated setup.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Album Listened”]Ghost Stories, 24bit Flac[/stextbox]
Fiio X3, E20i Rocky and Superlux HD681 Evo
Fiio X3, E20i Rocky and Superlux HD681 Evo
4 Take your games’ audio to the next level. Imagine yourself playing DayZ or Alien: Isolation with the X3 as your DAC, E20i Rocky as your portable amp and Superlux HD681 Evo as your cans. I dare you do this with the lights off. I tried this, and as a scaredy-cat, it didn’t last me to play DayZ for more than 10 minutes. I’m such a loser.

The X3 is still available at these stores nationwide for PhP9,999.

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Tokyo Game Show Special Coverage

Tokyo Game Show 2018

41711344 10155988194573337 3113579199126831104 o - We are going to Tokyo Game Show 2018

Witness this year’s biggest gaming convention in Asia, the Tokyo Game Show 2018. This September 19, our team will fly to Tokyo, Japan, to be part to TGS 2018. Special thanks to our brand partners Huawei Mobile, PLDT Home, Smart Communications and Cherry Mobile for making this coverage possible.

The Gadget Pilipinas Team was given access to a press briefing with Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director from From Software and a bit of hands-on gameplay. Here’s our take on the hands-on gameplay and the insights from the press interview. We also  figured a listicle is in order to rundown why this game will match the hype surrounding it.

Here’s our Top 5 reasons why “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” is to die for.

1) The game is Tenchu-inspired

sk8lqukaqalhq2mrzkqd 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forIf you’ve played any of the Tenchu games in previous game consoles, you know that the use of the grappling hook to set-up a one-slash-stealth kills from above is a hallmark of the series. Zipping to rooftops and treetops will be the go-to move in this game to get rid of sentries. And yes, those ever-so glorious decapitations and dismemberments with the stealth kill are present.

2) Casual or hardcore can play

sn1rmqcvrwomyuttaoyq 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forFrom Software is notorious for challenging games and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no exception. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director of From Software, revealed that he himself is a casual gamer and has made it clear that the game should be accessible to beginners and experienced players alike.

3) Upgradeable prosthetic arm

jjn6e6ivua5u142iukql 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forThat prosthetic arm that Sekiro has isn’t just for looks. It can launch a grappling hook and is upgradeable too. No details were revealed but its good to know that a skill-tree based system is in place. Think Horizon Zero Dawn or Spiderman on the way skill and gadgets are upgraded. Tech upgrades set in feudal Japan? What’s not to like?

4) Play the style that suits you

jo1pi5md3myj0pxynz9p 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forStealth like Tenchu or head-on like Dark Souls? It’s up to you. What’s clear is that you can’t use stealth for the whole campaign since the game wasn’t designed that way. Stealth can be used to thin enemy numbers and to preserve your health before confronting the big boss. The mix of stealth and hack and slash is always a good mix to change-up the pace and should suit any gameplay style.

5) Single-player only campaign can last 20 to 30 hours 

ocxemodvr6oa72argpyo 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forThat’s the length of the campaign as per Miyazaki. The game is focused-solely on the single-player experience. No more wayward players who can just jump-in and help or derail your campaign. From Software also focused on the story-telling. Given that no resources were spent in developing the multiplayer aspect, expect the campaign to take it up a notch.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be released on March 22, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

Our Tokyo Game Show 2018 Coverage is brought to you by our brand partners: Huawei Mobile Philippines, PLDT Home Fibr, Smart and Cherry Mobile. Access our coverage here.

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Heads-up, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) players. The PES game you’re playing on your phone is going to get a major upgrade.

For starters, the visuals will get a major overhaul and will be using Unreal Engine 4 – the same graphics engine used in triple A games for consoles and PCs. With the use of Unreal Engine 4, PES will be inching closer to how it looks versus its console port. It

Next, over 3,000 new animations, improved player AI with every playstyle accounted for, and realistic ball movements has been optimized for fans to enjoy the ultimate soccer game.

And lastly, 10 new league licenses from Europe, South America and Asia have been added, including Japan’s J. League.

The best part? Despite these updates,  Winning Eleven 2019 is still free-to-play (with in-game purchases).

PES 2019 promises to give a life-like behavior of the beautiful game and should take competitive mobile sports gaming to new heights.

Screen Shot 2018 09 21 at 1.16.38 AM 640x327 - TGS 2018: PES mobile game to be updated to "Winning Eleven 2019" this December!

More about the game and new features, here.

Our Tokyo Game Show 2018 Coverage is brought to you by our brand partners: Huawei Mobile Philippines, PLDT Home Fibr, Smart and Cherry Mobile. Access our coverage here.

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