Every now and then, we receive speakers from different brands and there are only a few ones that really stood out. Did KingCom’s rugged and “un-speaker” like looking sound accessory, the KingCom BeeHype impress us? Here’s our quick report.

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BeeHype isn’t like the other speakers we’ve seen in the past. It more looks like a water tumbler than a good speaker with all the connectivity options you will need to be able to use it. Its rubber shell protects the main speakers, and its honeycomb design really makes it look great from a distance and even at close up.

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Since it’s especially made for outdoor use, KingCom included a keyring and attached a hook so you can attach the speakers wherever you want. If you’re into trekking, you can easily attach the BeeHype to your bag or you can even attach it to your pants if you’re a little adventurous. Trust me; we tried it and we looked really nuts.

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Atop the speakers are buttons that are quite familiar to audiophiles or music enthusiasts: Volume rockers, which may also be used to select music, and its Pair/on and off switch.

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Meanwhile you will find all the connectivity ports and NFC receiver below the tumbler-like speakers, which I find a really ingenious implementation for a highly affordable portable speaker system.

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If you worry about ease of pairing, we’re happy to report that we did it quite easy and fast on our Samsung Galaxy S6 and even on our O+ 360 Extreme. We simply turned on the device, pressed the on/off/pair button again and paired our smartphone with it. We also managed to pair it via NFC, which we found far more convenient than the former pairing setup. Actually, it only took us less than a minute to pair it to our Galaxy S6. NFC is really like magic.

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It’s rugged demeanor and splash proof build stand out – yes, but it’s what’s under the hood really got us surprised!

BeeHype can deliver acceptable sound with emphasis on highs. Unfortunately we had to increase our bass on our smartphone settings to achieve the quality we wanted. It isn’t as well-balanced as we expected it to give off but still acceptable in our books.

Priced at PhP2,280, the KingCom Beehype is now available at your favoring music and sound store.

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