Just how tough is your case and screen protector?

Time and again, we are introduced to impact protection cases and screen protectors that promise to keep our phones intact and protected from damages brought about by accidental falls. In our books, fully covering the phone or the screen is neither enough to shield it from perils nor absorb accidental impact. Tested and verified technology behind impact protection are key components to win our hearts.

Rhinoshield 2

Last Friday, July 17, Rhinoshield launched its latest bumper case, the Crash Guard, and its Impact Screen protector. These new protection accessories got all the ingredients required to make us love and put them at the top of our list.

Let’s talk about their Impact Protection Screen Protector first. According to Rhinoshield, it is engineered to be scratch resistant and can withstand high pressures. Despite its impact resistant technology, it managed to stay crazy thin despite having 6 glass films. It is also smudge and water-droplet free, thanks to its oleo phobic coating.

Rhinoshield 10

Take a look at the video below if you want to see how awesome this screen protector is.

Watch out for our own drop test using the test kit provided to us by Rhinoshield soon.

During the launch event, Mac Power Marketing pulled off the same demonstration of Rhinoshield’s Impact screen protection, which amazed everyone and literally dropped the mouths of a few members of the media.

Another awesome thing that Mac Power and Rhino Shield launched was the Crash Guard Bumper case. The main technology behind the Crash Guard is Eggdrop. It is a proprietary technology of Evolutive Labs and Rhinoshield, which is basically a mix of 3 features:

  • Customer Formulated Polymer that provides more than 90% of its impact absorbing technology
  • Protective Honeycomb Structure that adds 10-15% overall impact absorbency, and;
  • Airbag Dispersion Compartments that acts as the case’s mini airbags that deflect impact energy

Check out the case in action:

Both products are now available at Power Mac Center, Applewerkz, Lazada and other leading gadget stores in the country!

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