Just last June 25, Veems officially launched is latest feature, VeemsCast. The launch event was held at Z Hostel, Makati City. The said feature enables bloggers broadcast latest content to their followers thereby significantly increasing engagement. The app uses private chats and call-to-action buttons to easily engage with followers.

veemsceoexplainingveemscastDuring the launch, Veems CEO Iddo Goren said, “We are thrilled to release VeemsCast in the Philippines. We believe that the blogging community here is strong and vibrant.” Goren also revealed VeemsCast’s future features that can further help bloggers as well as brands and businesses to connect with their followers in a more engaging and meaningful way. The features include simple voting and event tools and a management dashboard to help achieve the best possible results.

Choosing the Philippines for the first official launch of VeemsCast was mainly prompted by Filipinos’ high reception to Veems. Veems is a progressive quick messaging app for Android. Launched on Google Play in June 2014, Veems has quickly won the hearts of the Filipinos. Today, it has over 400,000 users in the Philippines alone. It consistently stayed on Google Play’s top 10 free social apps since it was released.


Select bloggers, brand partners including Macpower and Kata Philippines, and the pioneer VeemsCasters attended the launch. Bloggers who are currently on VeemsCast are GirlyGeek, Work at Home Pinas, Azrael’s Merryland and our website, Gadget Pilipinas.


Currently, VeemsCast is only available to bloggers in the Philippines. However, interested bloggers and businesses must apply for an account first before given access to VeemsCast. This is to ensure that users get the best content possible. You may also send us a message directly through here.


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