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The final release-slash-launch date of NBA2K Online Philippines is fast approaching, but did you know that you can actually get a chance to play it right now, while you wait? That’s what we’re going to do, anyway, seeing as how the first NBA2K Online PH CBT (closed beta testing) keys have just been seeded to the general public.

X-Play Online Games posted an announcement on the official NBA2K Online Philippine web site. Here’s what they have to say:

Philippine online gaming is about to receive the jolt it needs as NBA2K Online begins its Closed Beta Test (CBT) next Tuesday, October 20.

The CBT period will last from October 20th up to November 15th, at which point the current NBA2K Online Philippines servers will be shut down, and preparation for the Open Beta Test in late November will begin.

NBA2K Online Philippines will let players enjoy the following two modes during the CBT: My Career and 3v3 Streetball. Players can guide their character up the NBA ranks in My Career mode, while 3v3 Streetball is all about matching up with teams of three people in a fast and furious street match.

As a bonus, all players during the CBT will be able to access the Item Mall, where they can get extra stuff like boosters, level enhancers, shot packs, and clothing. Want to get in on all of this? Check out the game requirements and more details about the NBA2K Online Philippines CBT through the link below.

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