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Even though we’re avid PC gamers, there’s always one type of game that we try to avoid as much as we can. And we’re probably not alone in this, either. We enjoy video games as much as the next guy, but when it comes to horror games, we’d like to stay as far away as humanly possible, thank you very much.

And yet there’s one PC game title under the horror genre that has us curiously looking onto it from afar. It’s called Nightfall: Escape, and it’s been on our radar ever since it first came out through Steam Early Access and became the subject of the first few gaming fanatic reviews.

Nightfall: Escape is referred to as the first Filipino Horror game by its developers at Philippines-based Zeenoh Games, with monsters that are based on Filipino mythical creatures such as the Aswang, White Lady, and Paring Pugot. These terms wouldn’t be new to you if you’re familiar with Filipino folklore. And apparently, that’s supposed to be part of the draw of this game. A first person survival horror game like that should definitely hit close to him for any Filipino.

Check out the Nightfall: Escape game trailer here:

Game Trailer - Nightfall - Escape

Nightfall: Escape has you playing as aspiring female journalist Ara Cruz, who decides to conduct an investigation of a seemingly haunted mansion where several people have already gone missing. The game offers a first-person perspective as you play through the puzzles that it puts forth amongst the numerous jumps and scares that you will encounter while you navigate the various game locations.

Since coming out through Steam Early Access, Nightfall: Escape has been features in a number of gaming reviews. Most notably, a review posted by LadyTenjoin on the game’s Steam page recommends it as something that you should “keep an eye on” because of the interesting concept, despite the fact that it is only about 1 hour long at its current state, and is apparently still not a complete, finished product. This only has us excited to try the game out for ourselves, which we will soon, starting with our first playthroughs of the game which we’ll be posting next week.

Speaking of things we’ll be posting soon, watch out for our upcoming ColLab episode with our good friend Martin Patino and the game developers, where we will discuss this and more, on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions about the game or even the developers themselves, feel free to also reach out to us there.

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